relocation and life as an athlete with tess madgen and tiffany mitchell urban rest

Relocation and Life as an Athlete

With Tess Madgen and Tiffany Mitchell

Relocation and Life as an Athlete With Tess Madgen and Tiffany Mitchell

Have you ever fantasised about being a professional athlete? It’s one of the coolest jobs out there, right? Sure, it comes with its perks and an extraordinary way of life, but like any job, it has its downsides too. One of the biggest challenges is the constant travel that is required .

Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to sit down with professional football player Chloe Logarzo to talk about just this; the challenges of being an athlete, relocation, and the ups and downs of having a career that involves extensive travel. You can read the full piece here.

This time around, we had the pleasure of interviewing Tess Madgen and Tiffany Mitchell, professional basketball players from the Melbourne Boomers, during their stay at Home Richmond with Urban Rest. Our goal was to gain insight into their lives as athletes and how staying at Urban Rest has helped them focus on their game.

Meet Tess Madgen and Tiffany Mitchell

Tess Madgen, a native of Australia, has been a professional basketball player for 15 years. She is dedicated, passionate, and loves competing. “I play basketball because I love being part of a team and working towards a common goal with other people,” Tess explains. Although she is currently recovering from surgery due to a knee injury, she expects to be back soon. Tess is approaching the end of her career and hopes to start a family soon, which is a difficult feat to achieve while being a professional athlete. “As much as I love competing, I’m also dreaming about settling down and having children one day”. However, she still has some unfinished business. “Before my career is over, I would love to participate in the Olympic games in Paris next year and win another championship with the Melbourne Boomers.”

Tiffany Mitchell is a professional basketball player from North Carolina in the United States. She knows a thing or two about relocation; Tiffany has played basketball in many far-flung places like Russia, Turkey, and Israel during her career. She’s currently playing her second season with the Melbourne Boomers, and her love for basketball is evident in the passion she brings to the court. “I’m fierce, and I’ve always been a competitor”. Tiffany is a role model for young girls and athletes, and she’s determined to inspire them to believe in themselves and achieve their dreams. “I use the game of basketball to show the next generation that they’re capable of accomplishing anything they want if they put their minds to it”. 

Home Richmond with Urban Rest

Tess and Tiffany have stayed with Urban Rest for a few months now during their season with the Melbourne Boomers and say it has exceeded their expectations. “Playing basketball is more of a lifestyle than just a sport or profession,” Tiffany explains. “As female basketball players, we pretty much have to play all year round to make a living out of it, compared to men who can take a much longer break between seasons,” Tess adds. They both emphasise the importance of having the right accommodation to focus and stay on top of their game.

“I have travelled the world playing for different teams since I was very young, and Urban Rest is definitely one of the best places I’ve ever stayed at,” Tiffany says. She explains that her favourite amenities are “the pool, the gym, the office space, the rooftop, the grocery stores just downstairs and the great restaurants nearby”. She stops, smiles and then continues, “and there’s even a movie room!”.

Everything in One Place

Tess is currently residing at Urban Rest with her two beloved dogs, and she appreciates the fact that the accommodation is pet-friendly. For Tess, bringing her furry companions along was a non-negotiable aspect of her stay. In addition to the pet-friendly feature, Tess also enjoys the various amenities, convenient location, and overall aesthetic of Urban Rest. “The gym and pool are perfect for my knee recovery, and I love that I have everything in one place.” It is essential for Tess to have a comfortable and welcoming place to come home to. “I love how the apartment is decorated and the spacious rooms; it feels sophisticated but homely at the same time”.

When they’re not playing basketball, Tess and Tiffany enjoy going out for drinks and dinners with friends. “We love the rooftop barbecue on-site and how the property is located within walking distance to so many nice restaurants and bars”.

The Sacrifices and Rewards

Being a professional athlete is a demanding and challenging career choice that requires an enormous amount of dedication and perseverance. As stated by Tess and Tiffany, two athletes who have experienced the ups and downs of the industry, the job is not all about the glitz and glam that is often portrayed in the media. It involves a significant amount of time and effort, often resulting in personal sacrifices, including the inability to switch off from the job and the need to be away from family and friends for extended periods of time.

Despite the challenges, Tess and Tiffany are quick to point out that the rewards of pursuing a career in sports can be well worth the sacrifices made. As Tess puts it, “it’s all worth it when you’re doing something you love and are passionate about.” Tiffany agrees and continues, “There’s also no better feeling than making a difference and witnessing how your hard work can empower others”.

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