Urban Rest Elevates Corporate Accommodation with Launch of Urban Rest Homes

Urban Rest Elevates Corporate Accommodation with Launch of Urban Rest Homes

Sydney, Australia – January 25, 2024

Urban Rest, a pioneer in flexible alternative accommodations, is delighted to introduce Urban Rest Homes, a distinct product category designed for extended stays. This carefully curated offering aims to provide travellers with an exceptional blend of space, design, and service across prime destinations in Australia, the UK, Ireland, and beyond.

Founded six years ago in Sydney, Australia, Urban Rest has rapidly emerged as a flexible alternative accommodation operator, focusing on the corporate travel market. The company's unique approach centred around Design, Wellness, and Quality, has led to exponential growth, with a network operational in major Australian cities, Ireland, and the UK. The expansion into New Zealand is slated for early 2024.

David Whelan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Urban Rest, shared insights into the development of Urban Rest Homes, stating, "Urban Rest Homes exemplify our commitment to continuous innovation and an unwavering dedication to enhancing the guest experience. Building on the home-like environment we've successfully offered our guests in apartments for years, we're proud to extend that warm and welcoming experience to our new collection of free-standing homes. This ensures that travellers have a unique space to live, work, and relax during extended stays."

Urban Rest Homes are tailored to accommodate families, group travellers, and individuals seeking enhanced privacy during extended stays. Guests can enjoy the flexibility to choose a duration that suits their needs, ranging from a few days to several months. The homes are thoughtfully designed, fully furnished, and equipped with modern amenities to create a seamless and comfortable experience.

"The flexibility inherent in Urban Rest Homes provides a comfortable and convenient option for our guests," added Whelan. "Whether one is relocating with family or engaged in an extended business project, our homes offer a level of comfort and convenience that goes beyond traditional accommodations. It was a natural extension to create a product that could cater to groups requiring more space than in a typical apartment, but with the same levels of quality that our clients expect from the Urban Rest brand"

The inaugural properties in the growing Urban Rest Homes portfolio are located in Sydney, like The Cooper Street Home, a meticulously renovated private townhouse located in the heart of Double Bay, Sydney. This is just the beginning, as we have several others in the pipeline, strategically poised in prime locations across New South Wales and Victoria. Boasting three bedrooms spread across two levels, each residence within this collection is designed to offer a tranquil and rejuvenating experience. Guests can expect modern amenities, ample natural light, free parking, and a spacious courtyard, providing the perfect setting for a peaceful retreat.

Urban Rest extends an invitation to property owners to collaborate by including their homes within the Urban Rest Homes collection. Whelan emphasised, "Expanding our offerings presents an opportunity for property owners to maximise their returns. Initially focusing on existing markets in Melbourne and Sydney, we plan to gradually roll out Urban Rest Homes to all markets in Australia, the UK, and Ireland. Urban Rest provides a unique operating platform for property owners to tap into a loyal corporate customer base while benefiting from the expertise of our dedicated project team".

As Urban Rest propels forward on its rapid growth trajectory, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to redefining accommodation norms and establishing pioneering benchmarks for design, wellness, and service in the hospitality sector. Just last week, Urban Rest announced the opening of two new properties in Europe, in London and Dublin

Looking ahead, the company is poised for expansive global growth, with plans to launch significant new assets with Urban Rest North Sydney and Urban Rest Parramatta in the first quarter of 2024, alongside its expansion into the New Zealand market. The company also has substantial further expansion planned in both new and existing markets in the UK and Ireland, underscoring their commitment to providing innovative and exceptional accommodation experiences on a worldwide scale.


About Urban Rest

Urban Rest Apartments, launched in 2017 by founder David Whelan, was born out of a vision to revolutionise extended stay accommodations for business travellers. After experiencing the challenges of finding high-quality serviced apartments during his extensive travels, Whelan sought to create a brand that would seamlessly blend the luxury of premium hotels with the flexibility of short-term rentals.

Catering specifically to the business travel segment, Urban Rest offers meticulously designed apartments with comprehensive facilities, facilitating comfortable extended stays in prime locations. In just a few years, Urban Rest has earned a reputation as a trusted and high-quality provider of extended stay accommodations, cultivating a loyal customer base across Australia and Europe.

As a next-generation accommodation provider, Urban Rest is reshaping the way people experience travel. Committed to delivering unparalleled customer service and leveraging technology for a seamless experience, our overarching vision is to establish Urban Rest as a global hospitality brand.

The company's core values centre around reducing stress at every stage of the customer journey, ensuring a consistently high-quality product and service from booking to check-out. Urban Rest's dedication to sustainability and well-being extends across the key pillars of mind, body, and planet.

For more information about Urban Rest and its properties, please visit www.stayurbanrest.com.

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